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Oo Min Lwin

Oo Min Lwin, whom we have always know as Min Min, has perhaps done more for The Mandalay Projects than any other person over the past 14 or so years.

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In country team

Min Lwin Oo (Min Min) helps to organise our site visits and supervises payments to our service providers in Burma. Min Min owns and operates a successful travel agency in Yangon and we recommend Myanmar Frangipani to anyone thinking of organising a trip to Burma. Shine Moe provides important support to our project work. He is a small business owner, a volunteer English language teacher, and also gives a great deal of time and support to the staff of the orphanages at which we work. Moe Myint is a volunteer trustee for projects in Burma. He participates in project site visits, and advises on negotiations with local builders, architects and ...

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Lucy Henry

In her day job, Lucy is director of Marketing Umbrella, a consulting agency that provides marketing services to corporate, not-for-profit and government organisations. Lucy specialises in marketing strategy, branding and identity, advertising and promotional campaigns and communication and has been recognised through a number of awards for her outstanding quality and valuable work.  

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