The TMP team members are a humble lot. They volunteer significant amounts of their time (not to mention their finances) to help us to raise funds and invest in projects, but they rarely blow their own trumpet.

Oo Min Lwin, whom we have always know as Min Min, has perhaps done more for The Mandalay Projects than any other person over the past 14 or so years.  He is our go-to man in Myanmar negotiating contracts, arranging travel to our project sites, setting up meetings with partner organisations and service providers,  managing cash flow, and monitoring project progress.

In addition to his pro-bono work with us he runs his own travel agency, Myanmar Frangipani, as well as a successful import and export businesses. He is a Rotarian and studying for a degree in law. Quite how he manages all this is beyond us . . . but he has our heartfelt thanks for his incredible energy and commitment to The Mandalay Projects.

We encourage any of our supporters who might be thinking about visiting Myanmar to discuss their plans with Min Min or one of his team.